Colorado Home Trends for 2016

9News recently featured Colorado Homes and Lifestyles Magazines editor at large Rebecca Gart She said that, “2016 is the year of simplicity and elegance for home design in Colorado”.  According to Rebecca Gart, here’s what's trending in homes across the state:

1. Mixed lighting

In the kitchen featured on the January 2016 cover, you'll notice industrial lighting over the island and an elegant chandelier in the dining room. "You don't have to redo your whole kitchen, you can just redo the lighting and mixed lighting is very on trend," Gart says. A change in lighting fixtures can make a big difference in your home.

2. Unplugged family rooms

Television is no longer the center of the home (The kitchen is, says Gart). The giant television set is becoming obselete, replaced by handheld tablets and devices. More people are opting for a quiet space that is relaxed and casual, perhaps filled with a sectional sofa perfect for laying on and relaxing. Large, open spaces have intimate areas for gathering with family and friends and playing games or chatting.

3. Dramatic wall coverings

Not your grandmother's wallpaper, wall coverings now come in bold patterns and textures that are perfect for highlighting a space or a room. Try it on the ceiling of your closet, in your powder room, or on an accent wall on your main space, Gart says. Use wall coverings as an expression of personal style and art. Editor's favorites include Fromental and Timorous Beasties as well as Hygee and West. There are surprising options out there!

4. Color

We have finally reached the limit on gray! While neutrals are timeless, try adding some dusty pastel and watercolor hues to your space. Hints of green and blue are subtle, but comforting in a space. Pops of color add bright accents to monochromatic schemes and accessories are easy to switch out, Gart says.

5. A 'Hipper' Colorado

Upgrading a traditional mountain home from the era of 'log cabin' feel to chic Colorado style is a long-awaited trend, Gart says. The Beaver Creek home featured in the January 2016 issue has casual areas that are still elegant and family-friendly. Also fading out for 2016 is the 'reclaimed' trend: reclaimed wood everything. Adding some natural stone or onyx decor can be a chic way to add mountain style to any home.

6. Fluid, airy kitchen spaces

Large kitchen islands let the host/hostess and chefs entertain while cooking. They are versatile and allow for casual entertaining, Gart says. Less upper cabinetry, and instead more open storage that displays a variety of trendy dishes add personality and convenience to a space. Painting the island cabinets a bold, dark black or navy adds drama and is on trend for 2016. The kitchen does not lack storage, yet feels open and inviting.

7. The return of the informal dining room

Having a space to host a meal is a must, but it's not the formal dining room you grew up with. Add some playfulness by mixing and matching dining room chairs, and leaving the space separate but open to the main entertaining areas. Having a distinct dining space doesn't mean it has to be overly formal. By mixing antique and industrial, color and wood you can add your personal style to the space. "Put in some modern chairs and two tall upholstered chairs at the end of the table so it's more whimsical," Gart says.

8. Mixed metals

Think stainless steel fridge with a copper hood and blackened steel pulls on the cabinetry, Gart says. 2016 is the year of mixing beautiful metals such as copper, brass, and rose gold. She suggests mixing up the knobs on cabinetry for an easy update to any space. Soft, rose-colored metals are nearly always on trend, and now you don't have to stick to just one in a space. Stainless steel appliances can also be updated to different colors, other than the traditional shiny silver. Opt for even softer finishes, too, such as rose, burnish bronze and patina bronze.

9. Chic, simple elegance

Overall, there's a change from tailored and formal to casual, lived-in elements. Using Colorado materials such as stone, locally crafted products and weaving add eclectic style that speaks to the state's natural heritage. Materials such as alpaca fur taken from local animals is a way to incorporate our state's rich culture without going over the top mountain-themed.

Gart also declares 2016, "The year of bringing outdoor fabrics indoors." They're softer and prettier than ever, plus durable and easy to clean (kid-friendly!)

"Colorado is a boomtown in terms of art, design, architecture, food and craft cocktails," Gart says. 2016 should reflect Colorado's unique mix of mountain elegance and chic, local design, integrated into seamless family-friendly spaces that remain elegant and eclectic.

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine is in its 36th year of publication, and has gotten a fresh redesign for 2016 that is 'modern' and 'seamless.'