Sangre De Cristo Arts Center Exhibits Sikora Creations Art Pieces 

"Making Time" by Andy Sikora

Sikora Creations President and CEO Andy Sikora’s passion is art.  As a skilled craftsman, Andy’s custom furniture, ironwork, and beautiful stand-alone art pieces fill many of the homes Sikora Creations has remodeled.  This summer Andy is one of the artists from around the country asked to create a piece for Pueblo’s Sangre De Cristo Art Center’s exhibit entitled Steampunk at the Sangre.

Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that merges past and future to show what our world would look like if the future had happened sooner.  Steam is the primary source of power in this world. 

Andy’s piece for the Steampunk exhibit is a working clock titled “MAKING TIME”.

Artist’s Description: Just as Steampunk is a paradox of modern technology powered by antediluvian sources, “MAKING TIME” represents the paradox of how labor intensive it is to make time.  In our everyday lives we are constantly forced to live this dialetheism. 

Medium: steel, copper, brass, rubber and cork. 

Finish Media: copper verde acid patina, tri-brown for ferrous metals, lacquer. 

Go check this unique exhibit and Andy’s clock on display through September at “Steampunk Central Station”.  For information visit the Sangre De Cristo Arts and Conference Center Website.