What is Universal Design?

Universal Design means creating a stylish space that everyone can live in.  The idea is to design a home that fits everyone’s needs regardless of age, size, or ability.  With age our ability and agility changes and often we find our home no longer suits our needs.  In the past this meant making changes that did not flow with the current design and stuck out as sterile and obvious.  Today, Universal Design means beauty and style is no longer compromised for comfort.  In fact, one would not realize they are in a home with Universal Design features unless they were pointed out to them.

What are Universal Design Features?

  • One-story living
  • No-step entry
  • Low or no threshold showers with benches
  • Wide doorways and hallways
  • Non-slip surface floors, bath tubs, and showers
  • Shower grab bars and handrails
  • Easy use handles and switches
  • Comfort level toilets
  • Great lighting

Sikora Creation’s Inc., wants your home to be a place where you and all of your guests are comfortable today and in the future.  Thus we build and remodel using these Universal Design features.  Take a look at a few of our completed projects…


For this master bath remodel Sikora Creations included a no-step entry.

 For this remodel Sikora Creations added a wide 36 inch shower door, and comfort level toilet.

 Here Sikora Creations clearly brightened the space with LED can-lighting in the kitchen.

Sikora Creations remodeled this shower to include a handheld shower sprayer, grab bar and bench.