At Sikora Creations, Inc. our work is building or remodeling inside and around the home. We thrive on creating unique kitchens and bathrooms, remodeling master suites and family rooms or creating garage sanctuaries for the man of the house. We love our work and are thrilled when every so often we are presented with a unique and challenging project that pushes our creativity!


Recently a client came to Sikora Creations, Inc. and asked that we build a slide off of their second story deck for the grandchildren. The team at Sikora Creations, Inc. rose to the challenge and created a one-of-a kind descent from the second story of this house – their very own spiral turbo tube slide! While laborious to create, the end result slide is hours of fun and entertainment for these grandchildren, and amusement for the entire family. We were pleased with the results and even took a slide or two ourselves!