Wine cellars, patios, and custom decksoften come to mind when talking about Specialty Spaces. While these are wonderful spaces to design and build, Specialty Spaces can also go beyond entire rooms to those nooks and crannies that your family members designate as their special space.

The matriarch of the house might have a craft area to retreat to, the garage may be a sanctuary for the man of the house, or a certain corner chair may be that place one goes to unwind. At Sikora Creations, we know that every member of your family has that fixed spot in the house that they claim as their own, and we want to make those spots even better.

At the Monroe house, Callie Monroe chose as her special spot a pop-out window seat next the front door. From this seat, Callie spends her days looking outside and watching the world go by. Callie used this spot daily but her family did not like the prints she left behind on their wood seat, nor how cold the wood was to sit on!

Enter the design team at Sikora Creations, who suggested a custom cushion seat to protect the wood and make for a more comfortable post for Callie. The Monroe’s were brought fabric options to choose from, and after measuring, the new cushion and fabric was taken to the seamstresses to sew a cover. Complete with buttons, this cover had to be custom fit so it would not slide off and still allow the window to open.

The Monroe’s window seat is now even better and as you can see Callie is delighted with her smooth covered cushion. Now she had her own special space, and she is not willing to give it up without a fight!

We know your four-legged family members play an important role in your household and you want them to be as comfortable in your home as you are. Take a look at your pet’s special spots and if you find there is room for improvement let us find an aesthetic solution that works for everyone.