I know that interest rates are great and the idea of a brand new home is tempting but from your home remodeler's perspective, here are a some questions you can ask yourself before making that important decision of "Should I stay or should I go?"

1. A decision to remodel or move comes down to emotions and to finances. One of the first things Real Estate experts say you should ask yourself is if you really like the location your home is in right now. They recommend you consider your neighborhood - is it a quiet area that’s convenient to work and play, with great schools and nice homes? Is your home average or below cost/value for your existing neighborhood? If you like all of those aspects, then it is likely you can remodel and keep the things you like and improve on the things you might not like so much - size, amenities, materials, etc.

2. When you move, there is no payback. It is a pure expense. According to MSN Real Estate, you can budget on spending an average $40,000 than moving related expenses. And no matter where you move, that money is gone. It doesn't increase your net worth -- it is just gone. A remodeled home, on the other hand, could appreciate by $100,000 or even $150,000, depending on what changes you make.

3. Do you like the landscape and size of your home site? It is hard to find the perfect landscaping and large home sites with a new home. If yours is just the way you want it, why move and have to start over?

4. Do you like your home’s floor plan? A floor plan is an important thing to consider when remodeling or moving. It’s easy to remodel and upgrade your existing home. Finding the floor plan that is right for you and your family may be harder.

5. Do like your neighborhood and neighbors? Finding a neighborhood that you are happy with is difficult. That your children are happy with their friends, the neighbors help in troubled times, and there are block parties and watches may be important to you. Another fine reason to stay put and remodel!

A home renovation is a big investment of time and finances but one that’s sure to enhance your lifestyle and the resale of your existing home. One way to ensure you keep your remodeling job in touch with reality is to consult the annual list published by Remodeling Magazine and the National Association of Realtors. The list evaluates the rate of return you can expect from a given home improvement. Some remodeling jobs such as kitchen and bathroom renovations can return as much as 90% to over 100% the cost of the renovations plus enhancing your comfort and livability.

Remember when designing (and building) your home renovation; make sure to select an experienced licensed general contractor who can communicate with an experienced and talented interior designer. An experienced design build team will work hand-in-hand with you to insure that your newly remodeled home is functional, stylish, and a good financial investment.