Designing “his and hers” bathrooms requires research into who the end users are and how they want this newly renovated space to function.

• Are there size issues to be considered for soaking tubs or showers fixtures?

• Are we incorporating a universal design that will allow for current or future mobility needs or physical limitations?

• Are we incorporating a tub and if so, how will this space be enjoyed - soaking tub, jetted tub, or free standing?

• How many people will be soaking in the tub at one time?

• Do you want a walk-in shower that’s stylish yet handicapped accessible?

• How many people will be enjoying the shower at one time?
 What type of shower system do you want – multiple heads, rain showers, handheld showers, body sprays?
 Since we are designing for two, we will encourage you to have two sinks in two separate spaces. This will require clients to select (and agree on) the style and size of the sinks.

• How much storage space is required?

• Do you want a separate powder room with raised and elongated toilets? From a purely universal design perspective, we encourage all of our clients to install raised and elongated toilets.

• Do you have natural light or do you want to add new windows? 
Good lighting is a necessity in bathrooms, but also a decorative focal point that will give your bathroom a custom look.

• Do you want to upgrade lighting with custom sconces, recessed cans or a chandelier for added ambience?

Once we’ve collected all the information, we review the list of wants and needs with our clients in order to prepare a budget, scope of work, and design plans.

We often hear “How much should I budget?” The answer is, it depends. Designing a stylish and functional master bath for two is much like purchasing a brand new car for two. It depends on size, brand, options, quality and compatibility of style and needs! So ultimately the budget for your new master bath for two is much more dependent on the extent and quality of options you select than on the size of the space itself!

A popular option for today’s master baths is grooming stations. Grooming stations need to reflect a client’s stature, the tasks to be completed, whether or not the individual will be standing or seated, and if privacy is required. A great example is the 5’ 2” wife who enjoys putting on her makeup while chatting with her 6’ 2” husband while he shaves! This scenario calls for creative planning as we consider side-by-side placement of her personal space at a 32” to 34” counter height with chair and his at 38” to 40” with a taller mirror to allow for standing.

We often see conflicting requests from clients to see their waistline while others may prefer from the shoulders up. This scenario requires installing multiple mirrors and forms of lighting, including wall sconces, to maintain continuity in the overall design while aiding user needs.

Storage is always a consideration.

• Do we want central, deep cabinets or shelves between stations that will introduce privacy as well as storage?

• Do we need to provide storage for grooming supplies and can they be exposed or hidden behind doors?

• Are there regularly used tall bottles to store in a rollout under the sink or refillable attractive containers that need counter or open shelf space?

• How many electrical appliances are used on a regular basis?

• Are linens close at hand and where are they stored after use?

• Is dirty laundry accumulated here or another location?

At Sikora Creations, we find that reviewing (and seeing first hand) how our clients live in their current space to be of critical importance to providing a stylish and livable design for the new space.

Planning for bathing requires selecting water sources, placement and stylish and functional fixtures. This requires a licensed plumbing contractor as well as a trip to the plumbing showroom, especially when working with a couple. Each person needs to experience the options available to assure their showering and bathing experience meets or exceeds his or her expectations.

Location, height and size of interior shelving and/or benches need to be determined based on both users’ needs and statures. Benches should be a minimum of 17” above the finished floor and 15” deep. Bench locations should be located so they don’t interfere with standing space or shower flow.

Inclusion of multiple showerheads with differing sprays as well as a hand-held shower gives users more flexibility and best accommodates clients of different heights.

Shower and tub design should address current and future needs. Are you planning for the occasional dog bath and shower cleaning, are you planning for aging in place? Once again, the best solution may be to incorporate universal design that incorporates a hand-held shower on an adjustable bar as well as grab bars.

Planning the perfect bathroom for two will be hard work, but experts and homeowners agree the rewards are well worth the time and effort.

Remember when designing (and building) for the sexes that you need to hire a professional. Don’t trust the most personal space in your home to just anyone. Make sure to select an experienced licensed general contractor who can communicate with an experienced and talented interior designer. An experienced design build team will work hand-in-hand with both husband and wife to insure that their new master bath is both esthetically pleasing and highly livable. At Sikora Creations (in conjunction with Speas Interior Design), we’re experts at creating one of kind personal spaces for two! Let us help you transform your dated master bath into the master retreat of both your dreams!