But, don't let fear of the project deter you from creating your own spa like retreat! With a little planning and a talented designer and a creative remodeler, your personal retreat is just one click away!

Here are some tips on how to get started with your spa-like bathroom retreat.

Determine your ultimate goal: It’s important to remember that the average master bathroom is outdated and the room and the fixtures are just too small so remodeling may be needed. It’s important to really identify your ultimate goal for this necessary space. While some of these questions may seem personal, answering them honestly with your interior designer and remodeler will greatly impact the livability of this space.

• Start by collecting pictures from magazines of bathrooms. Look for rooms you like and can picture yourself in. Then, make a list of what’s important to you.

• What’s your design style – do you want sophisticated elegance, casual, contemporary, or a spa-like space?

• Do you currently use your master bathroom tub? 75% of homeowners report they never use the tub so an excellent use of that space is to utilize it for much larger spa-like shower.

• If you do like using your tub, how do you see yourself enjoying your tub – soaking tub, jetted tub, or free standing?

• How many people will be soaking in the tub at one time?

• Do you want a walk-in shower that’s stylish yet handicapped accessible?

• How many people will be enjoying the shower at one time?.

• What type of shower system do you want – multiple heads, rain showers, handheld showers, body sprays?

• Do you want two sinks and what style do you like – stone vessel sink, drop in sink, pedestal sink?

• Do you want a linen closet in your master bath retreat?

• Do you want a separate powder room with raised and elongated toilets?

• How about an entrance from the laundry room?

• How much storage space is important to you?

• Do you have natural light or do you want to add new windows?

• Good lighting is a necessity in bathrooms, but also a decorative focal point that will give your bathroom a custom look. Do you want to upgrade lighting with custom sconces, recessed cans or a chandelier?

• What style of faucets do you like?

Where I’m going with this is that you’ve lived with your existing master bathroom for 15 – 20 years and how you are currently using the space is much different than how you envision yourself using it after the makeover.

Determine your budget: Your bathroom renovation depends on the space you are remodeling. Remember 90% of us are coming out of significantly smaller spaces and trying to create larger more luxurious spaces for the ultimate pampering experience. I often have homeowners ask me “How much should I budget?” The answer is, it depends. Your master bathroom makeover is much like purchasing a brand new car. I depends on the size, the brand, the options, the quality of options you select! So ultimately the budget for your new master bath is much more dependent on the extent and quality of options you select than on the size of the space itself!

Determine the materials you want: Again, collect photos and make a list so that when you meet with your interior designer she’ll be able to help you create your ultimate dream space.

• Do you prefer a solid surface like granite or marble, tile with a custom glass tile backsplash, or even custom metal?

• What type of floor surface do you prefer? While we love travertine tile and recommend natural stone or porcelain tile, you have options! Remember to select a floor surface that won’t be to “Slippery When Wet”!

• Do you want your floors heated?

• What type of wall treatment do you like? Do you like Venetian Plaster, faux finish, or perhaps wallpaper?

• Do you like a frameless glass shower surround or a walk-in shower?

Hire a professional: Don’t trust the most personal space in your home to just anyone. Make sure to select an experienced interior design who you can communicate with and a licensed general contractor and plumber who will manage the entire project from beginning to end.

Planning the perfect bathroom for the ultimate spa-like experience will be hard work, but the rewards are well worth the time and effort. Remember it’s critical to consider how you’re using your current bathroom and what you want this remodel to accomplish.

Are you excited? We are! Let’s get started! At Sikora Creations, we’re experts at turning your 30-something year old master bath into a personal space that will make you never want to leave home again. In partnership with Speas Interior Design, let us help you transform your existing home to a home that's more comfortable and more livable for years to come. Andy Sikora is licensed Colorado Springs building contractor and master plumber. For additional information, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit us online at SikoraCreations.com.